Privacy Policy

1. This product guarantees a one-year period of warrantable quality. If the product is not in it's normal condition or unusable due to a fault caused by a manufacturing defect, the maker will repair the product and replace if necessary, free of change. (However, the cost of returning the product to the maker is not covered in the warranty.)
2. When a fault is discovered, return the product to the place of purchase, and the shop's staff member will send it to the maker to repair or replace if necessary.
3. When the maker receives the product they will repair and return it with in the time frame specified. Only in the following circumstances will a fee be charged.

a. If the warranty card is not received and the cause and location of the fault is not explained.
b. If after repairing a number of times the fault still remains.
c. If the fault was obviously cause by the rider having a fall or by applying too much force.
d. If the fault was caused by hitting an obstacle such as a rock or a tree.
e. If the fault was caused by incorrect installation of the bindings.
f. If the fault was caused by too much heat when waxing.
g. If the fault was caused by exposure to steam or heat such as a stove or heater.
h. If the fault was caused by a natural disaster.
i. If the fault was caused by purposely inflicting damage on to the product.

Skiing and Snowboarding is an adventurous sport, it is important to be aware own ability and limitations so as not to put yourself or others in danger. Familiarize yourself with your equipment.

1. Do not try to make alterations to the product in any way.
2. When applying wax on the base, do not mistake the attemperation so as not to overheat the base.
3. Do not leave your product in direct sunlight for long periods of time.
4. When traveling use a case to keep your product protected.
5. Be sure to keep your product away from children or people who may unintentionally cause damage to it.
6. When skiing or snowboarding make sure to wear protective clothing, goggles and gloves too.
7. Do not attempt to ski or snowboard if you are feeling exhausted or tired, take time out to recharge, so as not for to cause yourself an injury.
8. When visiting a ski resort for the first time, ask a staff member to show you the appropriate places to ride. The resort will expect you to take care when riding for the well being of other guests and of course yourself.
9. When carrying your product, make sure you do not handle the edges with your bare hands.
10. When following children be aware of their movements, and help them to stay clear of dangerous situations.
11. Stay away from rough or difficult terrain so as not to put yourself in any risk of danger.
12. Be ready to slow down if necessary and always be aware of your surroundings.

1. Stay out paths of snow vehicles such as grooming machines or snowmobiles.
If they are approaching you move to the side and stop if necessary until they have passed.
2. Build jumps or obstacles on the resort. Ask Patrol for permission before going ahead.
3. When skiing or snowboarding avoid places where there are rocks in the snow.

1. Skiing and Snowboarding is an open sport for take part in.
2. To keep your product from getting dirty use a special cleaner to remove any stains (cleaner are available from most ski and snowboard stores). For the base wax to keep your base from becoming dry. Be sure to read and follow all instructions carefully when performing any treatments to your product.
3. Where there is rust on your edges use 400-500 grade sandpaper to remove the rust and/or apply a rust protective product (also available at most ski & snowboard stores) to keep your product in good working order.
4. When your product is not in use, keep it in a case. Direct sunlight is quite harmless, but if the product is left for long periods of time it could cause damage.
5. Do not wrap your product in duck tape.

When mounting bindings on Ski and Snowboard, use the regulation screws so as not to slacken tenaciously. Before riding on snow, retighten the screws.

Operation director Junzo Sakamoto
Adress 16, Takedachi, Fujisawa, Hiranai-cho, Tsugaru-gun, Aomori, Japan